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Linen Fabric

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

One of the most popular fabrics being used for curtain and blind making at the moment is Linen. It is considered to be one of the most luxurious natural fabrics as well as being sustainable.

Linen is made from the Flax plant, the oldest fibre crop, and has been used to weave fabric for well over 6000 years. The plant is harvested, its seeds removed and the longest fibres selected. These fibres, of up to 20cm in length, are spun into yarn which is in turn woven into fabric.

In comparison to cotton, although both fabrics are made from natural materials in a similar way, linen is a much stronger fabric and will last longer.

Linen can form anything from a sheer voile to a heavy and luxurious fabric. It also offers a great range of textures, some with more slub (a lump or thick place in yarn or thread) or tightly woven thread to create smooth, uniform finish.

Linen also offers and incredibly diverse range of colours; the natural material is able to hold dye more effectively than any man made fibres, so if you're looking for a perfect colour match, linen might be for you.

The ROMO Linara range has an astonishing 360 colours available!

As well as being dyed, Linen can also be printed on to, making it a fantastic base for so many designers in allowing such flexibility with colour and design.

Lewis & Wood's use printed designs on a dyed linen base:

Linen is well known for creasing which is something to bear in mind when considering it as a fabric for curtains and blinds. It creates a wonderfully natural look, which is often part of the appeal. However, if you want to reduce wrinkles i'd recommend using a duo-lining (a bonded thermal lining). This create a smoother finish and with Roman Blinds, gives a tidy, smooth pleat edge.

Fabric Recommendations:

Slubby Linen II - by Warwick Plain linen with medium weave and slightly textured finish

Elba - by Linwood Plain linen with a tight weave and uniform finish

Laundered Linen- by Warwick Sheer Linen with a natural look

Satori Sheers - by Villa Nova Sheer Linen with woven-in designs and slubby textures

Small Prints - Linwood A printed linen collection with popping colours inspired by nature

Lewis and Wood Wide range of printed linens with muted colours bold renaissance inspired designs

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