M A D E  T O  M E A S U R E   B L I N D S 

All of the blinds I make are hand stitched for a professional and lasting finish. I offer both stacked and waterfall styles with a range of lining options. Blinds come interlined as standard and can be cotton or blackout lined as required.

Feel free to give me a call to discuss your ideas, arrange a suitable time for me to measure up your windows, or send your measurements online for a quote below.


Take a look at my measuring guide here.

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B L I N D   L I N I N G S

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100% Cotton Solprufe Luxury Satin Crease Resist

A high quality cotton lining for curtains that do not require blackout qualities. Available in a large range of bright colours as well as the standard pale ivory.

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100% Polyester / Acrylic back coating Outblack Silk

A blackout lining prevents light coming through the top fabric and is sewn into the curtain between the top fabric and back lining.

Also available as a duo lining with a bonded thermal layer.


100% Cotton Domette 

A thermal layer between the top fabric and lining fabric which insulates, adds volume and improves draping qualities.

How to measure your windows for Roman Blinds


You need to decide where you want the blind to sit; this can be on the outside and covering the window reveal, or, the inside of the window reveal. You will need to consider where the blind fixings can be affixed to - this can be to the wall, window frame or to the ceiling, either inside or outside of the window reveal.


Measuring Blinds Internal Window.png

Inside Window Reveal

Measure at three points from top to bottom, and three measurements side to side (see diagram). Take the smallest measurement from each of the three measurements. The blind will be made to the smallest of the three measurements to fit the reveal. Please note that full blackout cannot not be achieved.


Outside Window Reveal

Take the top to bottom and side to side measurement of where you want the blind to sit above the window and how far you want the blind to overhang each side of the reveal. If your requirement is for blackout blinds this is the preferable way to make the blind in order to minimise light entering the room.


Taking measurements for blinds to sit inside the window reveal.

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